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Analytical Truth

Combine your gut-feeling with analytics.

Top performing organisations base more of their decisions on analytical evidence compared with their peers.

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Mobile BI

Deliver powerful business information to your highly-mobile business people.  

Enable them to use up to date information to make faster decisions.

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Big Data

Discover what big data can bring to your company.

Base 3 can jump-start your big data journey.

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Data Science

Extract knowledge from (big) data by using different scientific disciplines.

Increase your competitive intelligence through advanced analytics.

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Trusted Partner

Base 3 forms added-value relationships with all their stakeholders.  
Our straightforward, honest and no-nonsense approach decreases risks and ensures success.

This principle applies equally to customers, partners and employees.


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Business Intelligence

Our business-centric approach turns your data into actionable knowledge and real business intelligence for your operational or strategic advantage.

Base 3 wants to support your goals and empower your actions and decisions through dedicated solutions.

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More than Technology

Base 3 starts from the business problem to find the best business intelligence or analytical solution based upon your context.

Our team of dedicated professionals brings several decades of experience to your projects.

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Dashboards and scorecards can put your vital indicators in the right perspective. 

Managing performance and aligning objectives facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals.

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Cost Modelling

Cost Modelling helps you understand your organization's costs. Cost are assigned to the activities and processes that generate them.

Identify the real cost drivers for products, services, customers, and channels.

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Supply Chain

Manage your inventory and planning based upon customer needs and market dynamics.

Base 3 uses state-of-the-art algorithms to bring you the best possible solution for your specific situation.

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Customer Intelligence

Support your sales and marketing strategy based upon clear metrics and statistics. 

Gain a detailed understanding of the experience your customers have in interacting with your company.

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Financial Management

Plan, budget and forecast. 

Produce more accurate budgets and perform what-if scenario analysis to make informed decisions about future cost reductions, efficiency gains and revenue evolutions.